Harddisk Search and Stats 2.2: Freeware file and disk search engine. Very powerful, many features.

Harddisk Search and Stats 2.2

Harddisk Search & Stats is ideal for those who are handling text files, such as programmers, web developers, computer professionals, system managers and other demanding users. An advantage of Harddisk Search & Stats is that - unlike most other search engines - it does perform any time-consuming indexing of your harddisk. It can directly search text-based files in all levels of a folder (recursive), or just one level, or your entire harddisk. Harddisk

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Disk Recon 4.5: Manage your diskspace with File Search, Folder Sizes and Duplicate files.

Disk Recon 4.5

Cleaning up your harddisk can be a time-consuming activity, but Disk Recon makes this job a lot easier. Disk Recon allows you to investigate folder sizes, find duplicate files, examine your disk usage, monitor files and directories and more. New features include batch file renaming, batch attribute changing and file or image preview. With its intuitive interface you can easily find all the information you need to clean up your harddisk.

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TheOne Computer Inventory Free Edition 3.3.0: TheOne Computer Inventory Free Edition can gather software and hardware info.

TheOne Computer Inventory Free Edition 3.3.0

TheOne Computer Inventory Free Edition acts as a client and uses to connect to Computer Inventory Server so that Server can store its software and hardware config,and gather OS version, installed software, MS Packs/Update/Security Update/Hotfix, drivers and PC hardware info such as BIOS,CPU,memory,harddisk and etc... It can make IT audit easy,better planning of Software and Hardware upgrades and generate Management reports.

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Basic Backup 1.0.0: a portable and plattform independent, JAVA based backup solution

Basic Backup 1.0.0

Basic Backup is a JAVA based solution for file and directory backup. Ist is plattform indepenent and portable. You can run it from your computers harddisk - or from a USB-Stick or external harddisk. For your backups you can use the GUI or a text mode.

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CPTec Backup 1.0.9

Command line utility for tapeless file backup to (external) harddisks. Easy configuration of backup jobs via XML-file. Offers incremental, differential and full backup, database logging, notification by e-mail, target adressing by volume name. May write several backup sets to one disk. Deletes old backup sets on target by date to free up disk. Fully commented source code available for transparency and own developments.

external hard disk, external harddisk, command line, tapeless backup

CheckSpace 3.3.0: Monitor disk/directories, event log, applications, Watson events, CPU, websites

CheckSpace 3.3.0

With CheckSpace you can monitor the free space of harddisks and partitions. Also, you can monitor directories, so that it worked like a disk quota. The event log monitor informs you by mail if new entries are written in the log. The Dr. Watson monitor cachtes Watson errors and send you a detailed error report. The application monitor checks if a program is running. The http monitor check if your website is on or off error.

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Disktective 6.0: Freeware disk-space reporting tool. Supports sizes of over 1 Tb.

Disktective 6.0

Freeware disk reporting tool for Windows. You can use Disktective to trace used space within your harddisk and directories. Disktective can handle 1 Tb or more. With Disktective you can find out the real size of your directories and disks - and see how used space is distributed inside them. Disktective creates reports, prints pie charts, exports to HTML and TreePad files.

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IntelligentNetClean 1.0.5: Keep your Harddisk tidy wth IntelligentNetClean

IntelligentNetClean 1.0.5

Keep your Harddisk tidy wth IntelligentNetClean

automated deleting, clean up harddisk, pc cleaning

TheOne Computer Inventory Server 2.3.0: TheOne Computer Inventory Server gathers network PC`s software and hardware info

TheOne Computer Inventory Server 2.3.0

Computer Inventory Server is using to gather your network PC`s software and hardware information. Software information includes installed window OS, software, MS Packs/Update/Hotfix, drivers and running services. Hardware information includes CPU details, no of ram, harddisk space, network card, and etc. It can also generate customized hardware and software inventory report for management.

hardware inventory, hardware report, software report, computer inventory server, software inventory

1X-AMP 3.5.2:  1X-AMP Virtual Stereo Virtual Hifi Unit

1X-AMP 3.5.2

harddisk. Functions: Virtual Stereo - Virtual Hifi Unit - Skined Audioplayer * Mediaplayer and Audioplayer for MP3, WAV, WMA.. * Read Folders and Subfolders with audio files * Search your complete Harddisk for audio files * Fast search for Titles an Albums * Several Skins and Wallpapers * Make and manage playlists with drag and drop * Direct ripping of Audio-CD`s * Audioplayer-Effect: EQ / Equalizer * Audioplayer-Effect: Delay * Audioplayer-Effect

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